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Re: RFC: Project geom-events Lev Serebryakov Mon Oct 10 10:00:18 2011

Hello, Miroslav.
You wrote 5 октября 2011 г., 12:24:06:

>>    What RAID do you mean exactly? geom_stripe? geom_mirrot? geom_raid?
>> Something else?
> I am mostly using geom_mirror.
  Oh, I see. Unfortunately, there is no GEOM metadata infrastructire,
GEOMs are too generic for this. I could design some meta-meta
framework, and unify all RAID classes with "intenral" metadtata
(geom_stripe, geom_concat, geom_mirror, geom_raid3 and my external
geom_raid5) to use it. In such case it will work -- kernel will not
pass providers with "ditry" metadtata to any GEOMs, but owners, for
tasting. Of course, classes like geom_part and geom_raid could not be
changed in such way -- they are forced to use pre-defined metadata

  It is good idea, but it should be separate project. And, yes, it
 will change metadata format for these GEOMs, so it will not be

  And, yes, it seems to be much more intrusive change in GEOM
subsystem (because it will change tasting sequence), and should be
supervised by other developers from very beginning.

  I could write proposal in near future, with some design notes.

// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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