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Re: Scheduler + IPC performance on FreeBSD 7.4, 8.2, 9.0 and -CURRENT Florian Smeets Fri Apr 06 08:00:20 2012

On 05.04.12 20:03, Arnaud Lacombe wrote:
Hi folks,


Over the past months, I ran on a couple of unused box the
`hackbench'[HACKBENCH] benchmark used by the Linux folks for tracking
down various kind of regression/improvement. `hackbench' is a
scheduler + IPC test (socket xor pipe). It creates producers/consumers
groups and let a variable quantity of small messages flow happily.
Producers and consumers are either processes xor threads.

[Lots of likely very interesting and valuable data.]

Q4: "So, how can I get all the graph ?"
R4: All you need is git, a posix shell, a couple of utility (find,
sort, ...), a recent gnuplot, and a ruby interpreter.

Can you give us some hints on *how* to get the results? I checked the repo out but it's not immediately obvious what to do and how to get the graphs, as staring at thousands of numbers in lots of different files isn't exactly practical.

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