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Re: ECC memory driver in FreeBSD 10? Miroslav Lachman Sun Apr 08 06:00:42 2012

Nikolay Denev wrote:
On Apr 6, 2012, at 2:48 PM, O. Hartmann wrote:

I'm looking for a way to force FreeBSD 10 to maintain/watch ECC errors
reported by UEFI (or BIOS).
Since ECC is said to be essential for server systems both in buisness
and science and I do not question this, I was wondering if I can not
report ECC errors via a watchdog or UEFI (ACPI?) report to syslog
facility on FreeBSD.
FreeBSD is supposed to be a server operating system, as far as I know,
so I believe there must be something which didn't have revealed itself
to me, yet.

If the hardware supports it, such errors should be logged as MCEs (Machine 
Check Exceptions).
I can say for sure it works pretty well with Dell servers, as I had  one with 
failing RAM module, and
it reported the corrected ECC errors in dmesg.

Memory ECC errors are logged in to messages and you can decode it by sysutils/mcelog. I did it in the past on one of our Sun Fire X2100 M2 with FreeBSD 8.x.

Miroslav Lachman
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