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Current unassigned ports problem reports FreeBSD bugmaster Tue Aug 28 18:02:18 2007

Current FreeBSD problem reports
The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users. 
These represent problem reports covering all versions including experimental 
development code and obsolete releases. 
Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.

a - analyzed
The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.

f - feedback
Further work requires additional information from the
     originator or the community - possibly confirmation of
     the effectiveness of a proposed solution.

p - patched
A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or
     confirmation from originator) are still open.

r - repocopy
The resolution of the problem report is dependent on
     a repocopy operation within the CVS repository which
     is awaiting completion.

s - suspended
The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information
     or resources.  This is a prime candidate
     for somebody who is looking for a project to do.
     If the problem cannot be solved at all,
     it will be closed, rather than suspended.

c - closed
A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated,
     documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.
Critical problems
Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/106369            vpnd caused kernel panic with ppp mode
o ports/106372            vpnd can't run with slip mode
f ports/108077            www/linux-flashplugin9 crashes linux-firefox
f ports/108413            net/vnc does not works.
f ports/108606            Courier MTA terminates abnormaly after installation
f ports/111338            graphics/yafray: doesn't respect CXX, CXXFLAGS and eve
f ports/112083            mail/qsheff overwrites configuration upon upgrade
o ports/112385            sysutils/lookupd on Kernel 64
f ports/112698            www/opera's spell-check doesn't work
f ports/112921            x11-wm/Beryl not loading focus and keybinding settings
f ports/113139            sysutils/ucspi-tcp runtime crash on amd64 w/ fix
f ports/113144            print/ghostscript-gnu dumps core with several output d
o ports/114132            mule goes core dump on X Window System
o ports/114560            editors/mule cannot compile in ports
f ports/115203            net/samba3: Broken on filesystems other than UFS
f ports/115209            editors/emacs: info files are not installed correctly
f ports/115270            security/amavisd-milter does not work when using sendm
o ports/115443            net-mgmt/netsaint-plugins - incorrect library path in 
o ports/115517            palm/uppc-kmod installation problem on amd64
o ports/115522            math/asir2000 can be make, but execute seg fault.
f ports/115559            devel/aunit and devel/florist-gpl break "make index"
f ports/115568            mail/mailscanner: automatic virus pattern update does 
f ports/115740            ext2fs file systems crash net/samba3
f ports/115767            net/silc-client 1.1.1 contains a bug which causes conn
f ports/115792            [PATCH] www/youtube_dl doesn't work anymore; update to
f ports/115818            Executable clash between databases/grass and ruby gems
o ports/115858            [PATCH] update for editors/xxe port

27 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/94921             isakmpd fails on amd64
o ports/95854             New Port: www/ochusha
o ports/100896            [new ports] emulators/vmware-server-guestd1 emulators/
f ports/101166            bittorrent-curses only works under English locales.
o ports/103395            security/gnome-ssh-askpass interferes with gnome-scree
o ports/104910            portsdb -Uu fails on building lsdb when EMACS_NAME is 
o ports/107354            net/icmpinfo: icmpinfo -vvv does not recocnize any ICM
f ports/107621            net/proxychains doens't compile on 4 and 5
f ports/107937            jailed net/isc-dhcp3-server wouldn't run with an immut
o ports/108595            pstree (sysutils/psmisc) don't work in jail
f ports/108723            kxgenerator never worked for me
f ports/108788            [patch]  sysutils/fusefs-kmod: Add BASE option
f ports/109041            security/tinyca doesn't allow for user installed OpenS
o ports/110144            New port: math/Matlab7
f ports/110320            [security/vpnc] rc script returns 0 on failure
o ports/110326 ports      Use TCL/TK 8.4: games/tvp
o ports/111247            New port: sysutil/linux-procfs rpm port of procps
f ports/111399            print/ghostscript-gpl: ghostscript-gpl WITH_FT_BRIDGE 
f ports/111456            [UPDATE] finance/pfpro updated distinfo
f ports/111549            ports/net/fping patch to add -S source_addr option
o ports/112124            [New port] archivers/linux-par2cmdline
o ports/112185            [NEW PORT] net/fping+ipv6: Quickly ping N hosts w/o fl
o ports/112248            new port: finance/ledgersmb
o ports/112271            new port: graphics/lightzone: a photo editor
o ports/112445            New port: japanese/p5-Mail-SpamAssassin
o ports/112499            Add a necessary runtime library for audio/mbrola to ru
o ports/112667            upgrade of the comms/hylafax from 4.3.3 to 4.3.4
o ports/112669            New port: net/snmp++ v3 library
f ports/112692            patch to update net/radiator port from version 3.16 to
f ports/112876            audio/xmcd - compile problems after xorg 7.2 upgrade (
f ports/112887            net/nxserver 1.4.0_1 fails to compile after upgrading 
o ports/112982            new port: security/hamachi
f ports/113319            [NEW PORT] www/p5-Catalyst-View-Email: Catalyst View f
f ports/113325            japanese/ng: use termios instead of sgtty
f ports/113335            biology/linux-foldingathome needs to run as root?
f ports/113423            Update for ports net/freenx to version 0.6.0
o ports/113538            databases/unixODBC fails to copy required INI files fo
o ports/113572            [patch] japanese/sj3 is broken
o ports/113608            New port: devel/codeblocks-devel SVN version of Code::
f ports/113750            update science/kst to 1.4.0
o ports/113827            when trying to play midis using audio/playmidi "/dev/s
o ports/113925            New port: security/openvpn-auth-ldap - LDAP authentica
o ports/114006            [NEW PORT] net/zeroinstall-injector: 0install injector
o ports/114017            New port: net-im/iserverd - Groupware ICQ server clone
o ports/114031            [PATCH] editors/xemacs-devel - stop XEmacs from corrup
f ports/114053            Port graphics/gnash is out of date
o ports/114067            [new port] japanese/asterisk-sounds-jp   Japanese soun
o ports/114114            New port: devel/p5-Cvs Cvs - Object oriented interface
o ports/114122            New port: russian/stardict2-dict-eng_RU, Russian dicti
f ports/114127            net/vnc - vnc.so installed to bad location
o ports/114231            [patch] audio/timidity - audacious/plugins: default /e
o ports/114336            new ports: graphics/php4-chartdirector, graphics/php5-
o ports/114365            New port: net-mgmt/nagiosgrapher
o ports/114382            [NEW PORT]: devel/rudeconfig - configuration library
o ports/114383            [New Port] texproc/yaml-mode.el: Simple major mode to 
o ports/114462            New port: net-im/jabbin Jabber client with VoIP
o ports/114495            [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/netxms: NetXMS - network monitorin
o ports/114511            New port: lang/ocs
o ports/114544            New port: net/gateway6 free IPv6 tunnel
o ports/114611            [NEW PORT] net-p2p/freenet05: An anonymous censorship-
o ports/114630            [NEW PORT] emulators/wine-doors - Windows application 
o ports/114634            maintainer update: www/b2evolution
o ports/114762            New port: sysutils/mtpfs MTP device filesystem
o ports/114763            New port: net-mgmt/nagios-devel Nagios development str
o ports/114811            New port: devel/qprog Cross-platform software for the 
o ports/114812            [new port] devel/ta-lib
f ports/114825            pam module security/pam_abl not working
a ports/114831            New port:multimedia/qmmp An audio player with Winamp G
f ports/114836            editors/emacs - Emacs22 info files not installed compl
f ports/114904            [UPDATE]: audio/qmpdclient Update to new release, 1.0.
o ports/114905            New port: devel/subcommander Qt based multiplatform su
o ports/114934            [NEW PORT] devel/cunit: An automated unit testing fram
o ports/114937            [NEW PORT]:  graphics/blender-doc  -  Blender document
o ports/114984            New port:graphics/qtpfsgui A graphical user interface 
f ports/114993            editors/Emacs causes SIGSEGV
o ports/114999            security/bro, port upgrade to version 1.2.1, take over
o ports/115012            New port: comms/bluegps  BlueGPS is a simple command l
o ports/115036            New port: comms/bluez-firmware  Firmware for the D-Lin
o ports/115087            New port: net/callweaver Fork of the popular Open Sour
o ports/115096            [NEW PORT] emulators/fuse-utils: Utilities from the Fr
f ports/115124            mail/spamass-milter install from ports fails on libgpg
o ports/115138            [Maintainer] graphics/gsculpt Update to
o ports/115139            [Update] devel/clanlib Update to 0.8.0
f ports/115141            Ignore games/trophy
o ports/115144            [Update] games/super_methane_brothers - Update to 1.4.
o ports/115186            new port: security/afterglow, a collection of graph-ge
o ports/115198            [PATCH] security/drweb: update to rcNG script
f ports/115201            [UPDATE]: archivers/libzip Update to new release, 0.8
f ports/115204            [UPDATE]: archivers/xar Update to new release, 1.5.1
o ports/115210            port security/sshit not work when hostname not IP
o ports/115216            ADA devel/florist exit_process program doesn't compile
o ports/115217            Ada devel/florist socket program doesn't compile due t
f ports/115236            update port: sysutils/puppet
o ports/115243            maintainer update: www/b2evolution (trial 2)
o ports/115246            [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/neye port
o ports/115254            New port: lang devel/nesasm: 6502 assembler with speci
f ports/115265            New port: net/csocks SOCKS Client v4/v5 RFC Compliant 
f ports/115304            multimedia/gpac-mp4box cannot import files larger than
o ports/115308            multimedia/jahshaka fails to open GUI - ends with "pre
o ports/115316            Update port: www/hiawatha
f ports/115323            [PATCH] sysutils/gcombust: Unbreak gcc 4
f ports/115336            port multimedia/avifile on FreeBSD 7.0 not BROKEN with
o ports/115364            upgrade www/RT36 to 3.6.4
o ports/115378            Upgrade port: net/haproxy-devel Was not building on am
f ports/115401            Update port: graphics/ipe Version 6.0pre28 of Ipe that
o ports/115432            Ports missing library dependencies
o ports/115436            Upgrade failure ruby18-bdb-0.6.0 DB_REP_* errors
o ports/115460            New port: audio/ecamegapedal realtime audio processor
f ports/115472            update devel/libftdi
o ports/115578            [NEW PORT] emulators/tiemu3: TI89(ti)/92(+)/V200 hand-
o ports/115609            New port: games/xlogical - Remake of classic game
o ports/115612            Update port: sysutils/freeipmi update to 0.4.3
o ports/115615            Fix graphics/xmfract to build on non i386 platforms
f ports/115625            [PATCH] graphics/p5-Image-ExifTool: update to 6.94
f ports/115627            www/Lynx (-ssl) does not correctly test for OpenSSL
f ports/115644            [PATCH] mail/postfix-policyd-sf: update to 1.82
o ports/115647            Unbreak graphics/Hermes for gcc 4.x
o ports/115652            Update port: games/pvpgn Update to 1.8.1
f ports/115659            [UPDATE] audio/linux-sdl_mixer to 1.2.8
f ports/115684            devel/tcllib add NO_INSTALL_MANPAGES
o ports/115686            [NEW PORT] sysutils/clonehdd: Perl script for partitio
f ports/115698            [patch] finance/kmymoney2: update to 0.8.5
f ports/115699            [update] dns/inadyn 1.96.2 - removes gcc-3.4 dependenc
o ports/115717            New port: java/exist, eXist is an Open Source native X
o ports/115726            games/brutalchess gcc problem on current
o ports/115731            Maintainer update for lang/dylan port
o ports/115734            x11-wm/compiz : bad dependencies
o ports/115741            [PATCH] graphics/lib3ds: update to 1.3.0
o ports/115748            [MAINTAINER] net/ipv6socket_scrub: [update to ports st
o ports/115758            net/freeradius: error install FreeRadius, conflicts de
o ports/115787            New port: www/metacafe_dl download videos from metacaf
o ports/115788            lang/itcl - Modernization and adoption
o ports/115789            x11-toolkits/itk - Modernization and adoption
f ports/115791            [PATCH] net-mgmt/aguri: fix GCC 4.2 builds
o ports/115793            [MAINTAINER] net-mgmt/ndpmon: [add startup script]
o ports/115795            [update] www/youtube_dl
o ports/115799            New port: mail/phplist - an open source newsletter man
o ports/115803            [PATCH] archivers/paq: update to 8.o2
o ports/115804            print/pdflib: version of PDF-Lite in pdflib
f ports/115808            [UPDATE] ports/databases/postgis: respect NOPORTDOCS
o ports/115819            Update ports: audio/libamrnb and audio/libamrwb
o ports/115825            New port: java/eclipse-ocl An Eclipse plugin, which im
f ports/115827            [PATCH]math/maxima: update to 5.13.0
o ports/115833            [PATCH] dns/sqldjbdns: update to 0.73
f ports/115834            [patch] update www/youtube_dl
o ports/115835            Upgrade port: textproc/pandoc 0.42
f ports/115838            net-p2p/amule2 crashes if getting server list takes to
o ports/115839            Update port: x11-wm/dwm to 4.4.1
o ports/115840            New Port: www/abyssws - compact and easy to use web se
o ports/115841            [MAINTAINER UPDATE] ftp/bsdftpd-ssl: fix problems with
o ports/115843            [MAINTAINER] sysutils/lcdproc: Enable build on amd64
o ports/115846            [NEW PORT] sysutils/bashburn CD burning bash script
o ports/115849            [MAINTAINER UPDATE] www/resin3: update to 3.1.2
o ports/115852            [MAINTAINER UPDATE] Update port: sysutils/downtime to 
o ports/115855            net-mgmt/ocsinventory-agent: Update 0.0.6 to
o ports/115857            [maintainer update] lang/sbcl: update to 1.0.9

156 problems total.

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