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some problems to enable journaling Коньков Евгений Mon Feb 20 10:01:07 2012

Здравствуйте, Freebsd-questions.

# uname -a
FreeBSD  8.3-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 8.3-PRERELEASE #1 r231881: Fri Feb 17 
17:20:09 UTC 2012     /usr/obj/usr/src/sys/KES_KERN_v8  amd64

#gjournal load

# kldstat
Id Refs Address            Size     Name
  1    4 0xffffffff80100000 ebb5c8   kernel
  2    1 0xffffffff81012000 ad84     geom_journal.ko

#gjournal label -f -s 256M /dev/ad10s1e

# gjournal clear /dev/ad10s1e
Cannot clear metadata on /dev/ad10s1e: Operation not permitted.
gjournal: Not fully done.

# gjournal list
Geom name: gjournal 729355407
ID: 729355407
1. Name: ufsid/4e84463b2331f144.journal
    Mediasize: 805305856 (768M)
    Sectorsize: 512
    Mode: r0w0e0
1. Name: ufsid/4e84463b2331f144
    Mediasize: 1073741824 (1.0G)
    Sectorsize: 512
    Stripesize: 0
    Stripeoffset: 2952756736
    Mode: r1w1e1
    Jend: 1073741312
    Jstart: 805305856
    Role: Data,Journal

# newfs -O 2 -J /dev/ad10s1e.journal
newfs: /dev/ad10s1e.journal: could not find special device

# newfs -O 2 /dev/ad10s1e
newfs: /dev/ad10s1e: failed to open disk for writing

#newfs -O 2 -J ufsid/4e84463b2331f144.journal
helps, but:

# mount ufsid/4e84463b2331f144.journal
mount: ufsid/4e84463b2331f144.journal: unknown special file or file system

# ls
acpi            ad8s1g          geom.ctl        random          ttyvb
ad10            ata             io              stderr          ttyvc
ad10s1          atkbd0          kbd0            stdin           ttyvd
ad10s1a         audit           kbd1            stdout          ttyve
ad10s1b         bpf             kbdmux0         sysmouse        ttyvf
ad10s1d         bpf0            klog            ttyv0           ufsid
ad10s1e         console         kmem            ttyv1           ugen0.1
ad10s1f         consolectl      log             ttyv2           ugen0.2
ad10s1g         ctty            mdctl           ttyv3           ugen1.1
ad8             da0             mem             ttyv4           ugen1.2
ad8s1           dcons           nfslock         ttyv5           ugen1.3
ad8s1a          devctl          null            ttyv6           urandom
ad8s1b          devstat         pass0           ttyv7           usb
ad8s1d          dgdb            pci             ttyv8           usbctl
ad8s1e          fd              ptmx            ttyv9           xpt0
ad8s1f          fido            pts             ttyva           zero

only adding geom_journal_load="YES" to /boot/loader and reboot helps

x# ls
acpi            ad8s1g          io              stdin           ttyve
ad10            ata             kbd0            stdout          ttyvf
ad10s1          atkbd0          kbd1            sysmouse        ufsid
ad10s1a         audit           kbdmux0         ttyv0           ugen0.1
ad10s1b         bpf             klog            ttyv1           ugen0.2
ad10s1d         bpf0            kmem            ttyv2           ugen1.1
ad10s1e         console         log             ttyv3           ugen1.2
ad10s1e.journal consolectl      mdctl           ttyv4           ugen1.3
ad10s1f         ctty            mem             ttyv5           urandom
ad10s1g         da0             nfslock         ttyv6           usb
ad8             dcons           null            ttyv7           usbctl
ad8s1           devctl          pass0           ttyv8           xpt0
ad8s1a          devstat         pci             ttyv9           zero
ad8s1b          dgdb            ptmx            ttyva
ad8s1d          fd              pts             ttyvb
ad8s1e          fido            random          ttyvc
ad8s1f          geom.ctl        stderr          ttyvd

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