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Re: Installation troubles Da Rock Wed Feb 22 07:01:22 2012

On 02/23/12 00:04, herbert langhans wrote:
Hi Daemons,
yesterday I tried to install FreeBSD 9 on my 'new' laptop - an IBM X31.

Since this model has no CD or floppy drive I copied the memstick-file to
such an USB-thing and tried to boot. The laptop freezes when the kernel
scans for the UBS-ports, booting impossible.

Now my question: can I take the harddisk out, install FreeBSD 9 over
another laptop (with the X31-harddisk inside) and put the installed
harddrive back to the X31? Is there anything else besides the rc.d-stuff
what will/will not get installed if I use the 'wrong' computer?

The old hd-cotent will be deleted, the new laptop will only be FreeBSD.
Interesting. Could it be some setting in the bios? USB legacy option or such that could be stopping it?
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