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How much space do I need on "/" for a 7.4 to 8 stable upgrade? Joe Moore Wed Feb 22 10:01:33 2012

I need to upgrade a server from 7.4 stable to 8.x stable.

I running buildworld as I write this, and plan to build a GENERIC kernel.

The root disk partition is 248 MB which was probably the auto default size when 
the server was originally built. I remember having to do some scrambling during 
the last update to free up enough space for a new kernel and I really don't 
want that to happen again.

I have 65MB of free space on "/". Is that going to be enough? I've already 
moved tftpboot to /usr, cleaned out /root, /boot/kernel.old, and /tmp.

What else could I clean out if I need more space? I'm thinking some executables 
in /rescue. "ls -l"  shows most of them being  4MB each but that can't be right.

                                                Thanks in advance!
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