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Re: CPAN hanging on ExtUtils::MakeMaker even if installed Jaime Kikpole Fri Feb 24 11:00:38 2012

I want to thank everyone who helped me out.  I can confirm that the
original issue (infinite delay and 100% CPU use while installing
ExtUtils::MakeMaker from CPAN) is gone after upgrading to Perl 5.12.
For some reason, the upgrade to 5.14 didn't work.  Using "portupgrade
-o lang/perl-5.14 perl-5.8.9" (or something similar, but I can't
remember it now) just reinstalled Perl 5.8.  Using "portupgrade -o
lang/perl-5.12 perl-5.8.9" (or something similar) did work, though.

I ended up using the www/rt40 port.  Its nice to know that someone is
putting in the effort on a port.  Thanks to Matthew for that.

And now I'm back to upgrading security/amavisd-new and
mail/p5-Mail-SpamAssassin and other Perl based ports.  :)  I'm really
glad that portupgrade exists on FreeBSD.

Thanks all!


Network Administrator
Cairo-Durham Central School District
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