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Re: Email issues, relay failure Bender, Chris Sat Feb 25 11:00:26 2012

Hi Jon
Thanks. There aren't any firewalls between the devices but they are far apart. 
I can telnet from x to a and I can ssh from a to x. 

I think you are right in focusing on the connection time out from A to X , i  
looked  on X for a service that isnt running
Which makes this fail but I am not sure 
Which services. I see postfix and sendmail running and I have restarted them. I 
never see mail delivery from A in mailog on X


On Feb 25, 2012, at 1:03 PM, "Jon Radel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On 2/25/12 10:26 AM, Bender, Chris wrote:
>> On telnet w IP it says unable to connect.
> ...
>> Its weird that the delivery on A says deferred connection timed out but on 
>> tcpdump I see the port 25
> If you can't establish a TCP connection from A to your relay server on port 
> 25, I'd expect all of the above.  If you can't establish a TCP connection to 
> port 25 at all from A, I'd stop focusing on the details of the e-mail server 
> on the relay machine (as they're likely to be beside the point) and start 
> focusing on what is blocking the traffic from A. Have you audited all the 
> firewalls involved?  To be really focused, if you see traffic (both ways) at 
> the relay server when A tries to talk to port 25, but A is convinced that no 
> TCP connection is established, either you're stomping on things at the relay 
> server (do your attempts to telnet to port 25 fail immediately or just sit 
> there for a good long time and then fail?), the reply packets from relay to A 
> are getting mis-routed, or A is ignoring the packets coming in from the 
> relay.  Can you ping from the relay to A?
> There's a distinct difference between failure to establish a TCP connection 
> (look to the network stuff) and the e-mail server giving you an error 
> response rejecting your attempt to transfer mail or just quietly loosing the 
> mail (look to the e-mail servers).
> -- 
> --Jon Radel
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