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Re: [Freedos-user] howto on a 286 Michael B. Brutman Sun Feb 12 11:00:15 2012

On 2/12/2012 11:42 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I took a different approach
> I downloaded the latest iso, moved the Tandy harddrive to a pc, and installed
> Now I have the Tandy up on FreeDOS
> One itch to scratch is when I run dir I get "Press any key to continue" after 
> every single line
> Next I have a "Intel 8/18TP Lan Adapter" and I have no idea how to go about 
> setting up networking on dos
> I have spent 18 years working on UNIX
> Richard

The Intel 8/16 adapter should work on most machines.  Look for a "packet 
driver" for that particular card.  A packet driver is a TSR that serves 
as the device driver for a specific network card.  It presents a common 
high level interface that DOS networking code can then use.  This 
writeup might be helpful:


Intel might have their old packet drivers on the web site.  Another 
place to look is the Crynwr packet driver collect.  Just search for 
Crynwr and you'll find it.

A packet driver only gives you a device driver capable of sending and 
receiving raw Ethernet frames.  After that choose your software and 
configure accordingly.  FreeDOS has some networking programs installed 
already.  Without trying to show too much bias I would look at the mTCP 
programs - the home page is here:


(Disclaimer: I wrote the code.)


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