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[Freedos-user] PCI Sound cards drivers mike shupp Mon Feb 20 15:01:07 2012

Trina Hanson wondered "I am trying to find Sound Blaster DOS divers for my
Sound Blaster Live PCI card.  I have found a few drivers with no luck.
Does anyone know where to find drivers for this card?"

A (partial) answer and two questions:  Your best bet is to go the Creative
support site http://support.creative.com/Products/Products.aspx?catid=1
Admire all the nice toys, then go to the bottom of the page, where you will
encounter the line "If your product is not listed above, click here."
Click there.   On the next page, select Live! as your product.  A list of
current and archived products (e.g., "Live! Gamer 5.1") will appear.  Make
your choice, then click at the bottom on Next.   This takes you to a page
which lists fact sheets (e.g., "AR1 speakers burst into flames") and maybe
downloads.  There is a "Manual Selection" box at the bottom which gives
some extra choices.  Click on "Download" for the item you wish, then agree
to the license agreement on the next page, and your download will begin.

You can do a Google search, if you're feeling more adventuresome.  You
could also go to the mameworld.info site pointed out by Rugxulo and
download files from there; I don't think you'll find anything other than
what the Creative people have, however.  (The MAME stuff is aimed at people
running old old old early DOS and arcade games; you might want to double
check whether your "Set BLASTER= ..." setting should be for I5 or I7)

Question 1: Are you supersure about your product name?  'Cause SBL PCI
isn't listed, and SBL PCI 5.1 doesn't seem to have DOS drivers, just
Windows drivers.  There are a whole bunch of Creative products with similar
names, so you have to be careful.

Question 2. Are you running FreeDOS on real hardware, or inside an
emulator?  VMware's Player and Microsoft's Virtual PC both assume guest
OS's are  running SB 16 or maybe SB PC128 as defaults; if memory serves,
Linux's DOSemu also assumes SB16.  And I'm here to tell you that as
yesterday afternoon, MSDOS with SBL drivers inside Player sounds pretty
damned crappy.

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