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[Gambas-user] SEGFAULT with SHELL juelin Tue May 26 03:00:19 2009

I have 2 C-program's.

lasercall.e   run at background and call function in shared library
Calling from Gambas with
SHELL "/home/juelin/lasercall.e&"

laserfunc.e calling from Gambas with
SHELL "/home/juelin/laserfunc.e 4 1" TO StringVar

Then I got a segmentationfault signal and program lasercall.e terminatet.
At /var/log/messages I got:
kernel: lasercall.e[6412]: segfault at b69b4a0c ip b7eb950e sp bf9f9e00
error 4 in liblumax.so[b7eb5000+6000]

But when I call "laserfunc.e 4 1" from Console it work well.

Can anybody help?

kind regards

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