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Re: [Gambas-user] Result object, again Ian Haywood Wed Nov 24 21:00:18 2010

2010/11/25 Benoît Minisini <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> good evening all,
>> i have another question about my eternal punishment: the result object :-)
>> caveat answered to a former question about results in general:
>>  >If you got into the habit of reading all the
>>  >records you've selected into memory (or even if the Result object
>>  >worked
>>  >that way behind the scenes...), you'd soon find everything breaking >with
>>  >Out Of Memory errors as soon as you start doing anything serious.
>> my question now is, how the result works behind the scenes, is there a
>> counter (result.index?) that tells a layer (the driver?) which record is
>> to be given back?
>> regards,
>> tobi
> A result object stores the entire query of the result in memory, because of
> the stupidity of most SQL backends.
Postgresql definately supports cursors (being able to retrieve rows in groups
and not hold them all in memory)


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