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[Gambas-user] Not able to distribute app created by compiled Gambas3 John Rose Fri Feb 17 10:01:58 2012

After extensive correspondence with kendek,he has agreed that there is
an issue re distributing app created by compiled Gambas3.

Quoting my last message to him:
here is something fundamentally incompatible between the relationship
of a compiled version of Gambas3 (from Trunk) and the Gambas3 packages
on your ppa. This affects both my dev PC where that was done and another
PC when it was not done.
After installation of iRecorder.deb on my dev & another PC, neither runs
the iRecorder app. The DEB Installer on both PCS causes the download &
install of the following packages:
gambas3 gb-form
I think those installs are correct. However when running the iRecorder
app from Ubuntu's menu:
the dev PC gives a window stating that "Could not launch 'iRecorder'"
and "Failed to execute child process "usr/bin/iRecorder.gambas" (No such
file or directory)";
the other PC seems to start the app (i.e. as shown on the task bar) but
then stops with no message.

His reply was:
Indeed, when running the following error message will display:
"ERROR: #2: Cannot load class 'FMain': Version too recent. Please
upgrade Gambas."
Those that are not backwards compatible with this version. You'll have
to version 3.0.0 to create the package.
But of course, as there will be another official version, I will update
the current in a PPA packages.

It would be good to know when 3.1 (i.e. next stable) version of Gambas3
will be produced. This would allow him to put it onto his ppa.

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