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[Gambas-user] Memory problems with Gambas3 Jussi Lahtinen Sun Feb 19 11:00:07 2012

I was debugging huge project to find out why it's execution is slowed down
to unusable, when suddenly screen went blank and I was logged out.
Reason found from logs: Killed process 1264 (Xorg) total-vm:6406864kB,
anon-rss:2751124kB, file-rss:784kB
So I ran out of memory. This shouldn't happen, the project I'm working with
doesn't need even nearly that much memory.

I can prevent this happening when I comment out content of draw event from
Right now there are only three lines, which shouldn't cause cumulative
memory usage:
Draw.Image(imgKoko, 0, 0)
Draw.Image(imgKarVe, 0, 0)
Draw.Picture(picKohdistin, I.KarX - 12, I.KarY - 12)

As I said the project is huge, and so far I haven't be able to isolate what
causes the problem.
All I know is that in certain form, every time draw event is raised, it
causes Xorg to take more memory.

Valgrind log is attached.

Any ideas?

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