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Re: getaddrinfo is not statically compiled bassis Wed Apr 28 12:00:20 2010

John (Eljay) Love-Jensen wrote:
> Hmmm.  How can you provide the needed shared libraries rather than the
> target system libs, since the shared libraries themselves are intimately
> tied to the specific system version?
> Wouldn't you need to provide a whole set of shared libraries, which are
> system version (major.minor.patch version) specific?
> And wouldn't that make your application limited to known versions at
> release
> time, that you provided those system specific versions of those particular
> system specific shared libraries?  (Hence, making your application tighly
> system version locked.)
> As I understand the usual approach is to compile on (or cross-compile to)
> the oldest system version (using the target system libs) you support, and
> rely on the library versioning facility to be future compatible.
> Sincerely,
> --Eljay
Not sure if I understand you. All I want is to run my program in CentOS but
my program in compiled in Debian. A much easier solution would be to simply
compile my program in CentOS but I do not have permission to do this. So, I
was thinking of making my program use the libc and ld files of Debian
instead of the ones provided by CentOS.

Is this not possible ? Is there another way of doing this ?
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