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Re: .eh_frame section Ian Lance Taylor Tue May 29 18:04:30 2007

"sfora dim" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I read that the eh_frame is for exceptions support,
> for languages like C++ for instance.


> I wonder why when I compile standard C programs using "gcc -v simple.c"
> I can see that the linker adds the "--eh-frame-hdr" parameter ?

That option is always used if the linker supports it.

> After all there is no use for the eh section when we don't support
> exceptions, no ?

Ideally the linker would not generate an EH header if there is no
exception frame information.

It is possible to use gcc to link C++ code, and it is desirable to
always create an EH header if there is any exception frame
information, so if there is a problem here I think it should be fixed
in the linker.