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BEWARE: PLATEAU + SUCCESSFACTORS + SAP Paul Rahme Fri Feb 17 11:00:33 2012


The SAP Global Executive & Supervisory Board of Directors & Shareholders
The SuccessFactors Board of Directors & Shareholders
Plateau Management at SuccessFactors (you know who you are)

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Please beware of the Plateau team within the SuccessFactors organisation, as my 
contract for VP Asia Pacific with Plateau (along with many more innocent 
people) remains unpaid since 2008! 

The main culprit of this situation is Shelley Heiden along with the other 
Plateau executive management being: Paul Sparta, Brian Murphy and Stephen 
Blodgett, as well as Victor Meer

It now seems  they will never do the right thing after many years of ignoring 
the truth, denying me of my rights and defaming my position and career status 
in retaliation to my constant follow-up.

As a result, I now have no choice but to globally exploit this issue utilising 
my freedom of speech for this serious wrong-doing.

Sadly, a simple settlement payment to legally and ethically conclude my 
contract has just been ignored for far too long.

It is now plain and clear that SuccessFactors and of course Plateau (SF&P) ARE 
NOT Human Capital Management and Resource compassionate whatsoever.  

I remain one of so many people that have been wronged and remain wronged by 
their actions to date as they have ferociously affected the innocent lives of 
so many along with their many innocent dependents.

I hope for all our sakes that common sense can prevail with a simple payment to 
make this all go away….

Keep the Faith!