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Re: Bootstrapping and C++ compiler Marc Glisse Sat Feb 25 12:00:17 2012

On Sat, 25 Feb 2012, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

Now that we build the C-family compilers with a C++ compiler by
default, is the changed documented anywhere?  I looked
at the "installation" part of the manual but I could not find anything
there.  I looked at the wiki page, but many things there seem not
to be updated.  Where should I have looked?  Thanks,

configure.html does say:
    When bootstrapping, build stages 2 and 3 of GCC using a C++ compiler
    rather than a C compiler. Stage 1 is still built with a C compiler.
    This is enabled by default and may be disabled using

There are other hints like the default value of --with-boot-ldflags which includes -static-libstdc++.

build.html doesn't say anything. Options have to be passed through BOOT_CFLAGS which doesn't look much like CXX, but then it doesn't matter.

Marc Glisse