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Apache DB subproject proposal: JDBM [2] Jan Kotek Thu Feb 02 04:11:30 2012


JDBM is key value embedded java database. It provides java collections
backed-up by disk storage. JDBM is also very fast (million inserts per
second).  It also has instance cache, transactions and other goodies. More
details at [1].

I would like to restart 3 years old discussion [2]  about making it
ApacheDB subproject.

I believe that JDBM in last 12 years proved itself as viable project. And
new JDBM3 with its speed and agility has chances for massive adoption. So I
think it is good moment to stabilize development a bit and get strong

Personally I am committed to maintaining JDBM as I did for last three
years. Our community is not big, I am only regular dev. But JDBM is very
'hackable' and we often get patches from strangers.

I think JDBM3 is ready to become Apache sub project:
 - well traced history of contributions, only 3 main  devs
 - already under Apache 2 licence
 - changing package name is not problem (JDBM3 has completely new API and
zero adoption)
 - uses Maven2 including website
 - good unit test coverage

JDBM3 is currently in alpha stage. It should reach beta in about three
months. Stable probably in a year or two.
After JDBM3 is stable I will make it rock stable and concentrate on tools
around (spring and JTA integration, .NET port etc...)

[1] https://github.com/jankotek/JDBM3
[2] http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg00318.html

Jan Kotek