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How to do the mail connect configuration with apache-james Min ISSC Li Fri Nov 13 03:00:18 2009

I want to use apache-james to send the mail.

I am sure the configuration in mail connect of Action is correct because I 
do the configuration according to the WBE Help.

I am also sure that configuration of apache-james is right because I write 
a test case by using javaMail and the mail can be sent normally via 

but when I want to use apache-james in the WBE, the mail can not be sent 
normally neither using [EMAIL PROTECTED] or using <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>. 

error log is:
Mail reply: ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) 501 5.1.7 Syntax error in MAIL command

Version is 
Websphere business events 6.2
apache-james 2.3.2

Anyone can help me to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.