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Re: Looking for help mentoring Graffito. David Sean Taylor Sat Sep 02 12:02:04 2006

Raphaël Luta wrote:
I'm currently the only mentor for the Graffito project that has
been under incubation for nearly 2 years now.

Graffito is a CMS system now built on top of Jackrabbit and providing
a portlet based user interface. As such it is mostly suited to integrate
with portal containers like Jetspeed but some of the services provided
(like JCR mapping) can be useful outside of portal context.

While we've managed to slowly build a community around the initial
2 men codebase, we're still very far from having a sustainable
independant community around Graffito.

Due to my numerous other activities, I feel I cannot provide alone
the adequate mentoring required by this project and I am looking for
additionnal mentors to help grow the Graffito community and graduate it.

I can volunteer to mentor the project if that is allowed (i am also a committer)