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[Geowanking] Announcement:Eye on Earth Summit - who wants to play? Mick Wilson Thu Jun 02 22:01:10 2011

[Disclosure - I am involved in organizing this beast]

Knowing a number of you personally, and respecting the posters here for your 
perception, willingness to argue and - often - wit, I throw down a wee gauntlet:

Who amongst you wants to get together a free-form narrative for the next couple 
of weeks about key concerns, opportunities, prospects or left-field ideas that 
can, plausibly, gain a showcase at the forum or - better yet - pass through to 
the next great gabfest on environment and sustainability, Rio+20 next year?

It's early days and the right time for some right-brain thinking about the 
desirable - nay, necessary - place geo-information in all its forms as a tool 
for enablement, empowerment or simply filling the gaps in the peoples' story of 
they wish or ought live on this planet.

If there's enough response I'll take this off-stream to woo-space somewhere 
but, meanwhile, would love to get a thrash going here about the Big Picture 
aspects of why on earth (pun intended) we love to love this geo-stuff.

How many babies' lives can our favourite technology save in the next 20 years? 
How exactly might that happen? How many peoples lives can be improved? How many 
lives can be enriched by species not going extinct

Get it?


"As you may be aware, the Government of Abu Dhabi, UAE is preparing to deliver 
the Eye on Earth Summit (www.eyeonearthsummit.org) in Abu Dhabi on December 
12-15, 2011.

"The Summit is being facilitated by the Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data 
Initiative (AGEDI) and hosted  by the Environment Agency  - Abu Dhabi 
(EAD) in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 
 The Summit will convene over 700 invited thought and action leaders in 
the world-wide environmental and societal information networking movement. 
Guests will include government, business, science, civil society and academia 
 with the aim of encouraging and strengthening existing efforts, and 
inspiring unified solutions to this global challenge.

"Ambitiously, the Summit’s goal is to achieve consensus on key areas of mutual 
importance and establish specific commitments to action. The Summit will 
recognise the tremendous amount of extraordinary work that is occurring in the 
field of environmental data and information. As a respected expert in the 
field, I would like to invite you to participate in shaping the content of the 
Summit.  Specifically, we would like you to engage with Eye on Earth as a 
Member of the Technical Infrastructure Working Group, a consultative body that 
will contribute issues and ideas to the development of the Summit focus and 

"In practical terms, your participation as a UNEP Secretariat Representative on 
this Working Group will involve you in discussions with respected peers in an 
effort to identify the most pressing issues in your field and to bring them 
forward into the Summit Program; in highlighting best practices; and in 
developing a White Paper summarizing themes and proposing the means of engaging 
Summit participants in spirited and forward-thinking discussion aimed at 
advancing the issues."

(and so on)

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