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Re: [Geowanking] Advice needed for new course in geography Eric Wolf Mon Jul 18 17:01:06 2011

I would entirely skip the "installing WAMP", deploying server/client apps,
and iPhone SDK stuff. I'd rather not see young geographers thinking they
have to install WAMP to build something on the web. I had a PhD student
recently ask me if ArcServer would run on her laptop. I asked her why she
needed it. The answer was she needed to share some data on the web with
subjects in her dissertation research. All she really needed was Geocommons.

And the iPhone SDK is far too complex for a non-programmer to do any thing
in a semester much less with other stuff to do too.

Three things I would recommend, if you want to go further rather than deeper
(at the risk of making the class "Google 101":

1. Google Fusion Tables
2. Hadoop/MapReduce
3. Google Earth Engine

Another perspective is that these are technologies that are on the horizon.
Setting up a server is so  last decade.


Eric B. Wolf                           720-334-7734

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 12:32 PM, R E Sieber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> **
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm teaching a new course on Mapping Mashups and Beyond in the Fall. It's
> for second year undergraduate geographers and I hope it can set them on a
> path to being part of the next generation of geospatial data
> handlers/modelers/developers. I could use any help in helping me make this
> course successful.
> What I'm thinking of teaching is
>    - Exploring digital earth architectures (e.g., Google Maps, Google
>    Earth, Microsoft Bing Maps, OpenLayers, NASA WorldWind)
>    - Writing KMLs and KMZs for digital earths
>    - Contributing volunteered geographic information (VGI)* via Open
>    Street Map (entering, editing, examining metadata)
>    - Using geospatial Application Program Interfaces (APIs)
>    - Geotagging and harvesting other geographic content, for example via
>    web scraping
>    - Developing online databases
>    - Installing and deploying the WAMP software stack
>    - Developing server/cloud-side geospatial applications
>    - Collecting real time data (e.g., Twitter)
>    - Working with location based services, for example with the iPhone
>    SDK** and ushahidi
>    - Exploring social, political, and legal issues of using VGI
> Remember that these are geographers so they'll have near zero
> computing/software engineering skills. Moreover, having been taught GIS,
> they'll be biased towards a particular way of thinking about geospatial data
> handling: it's only about making maps; it's desktop bound; and it focuses
> mainly on spatial analysis. So any advice you have on what I should be
> teaching and how I should be teaching it (e.g., how much of any of these
> bullet points) would be vastly appreciated!
> thanks,
> Renee
> * I know, I know. I don't like the term either.
> **I doubt I'll get to the SDK. It'll be hard enough to get them through
> WAMP. Here it's probably just ushahidi.
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