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[GNOME Do] Re: Including Do in GNOME BostonPeng Fri Jul 10 13:30:25 2009

You're right, I wasn't aware of what being made a part of GNOME would
entail. I'll withdraw my comments until I can better understand what
it would all mean. Although I did realize that GNOME is a collection
of apps, but I also have memories of apps being brought into a
"collection" that didn't end up completely satisfying the apps'

On Jul 9, 9:18 am, Alex Launi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 3:05 PM, BostonPeng <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >  I'd be concerned that the ease of configuration in Do would be limited,
> > especially
> > after having to jump through so many hoops to configure other parts of
> > GNOME (screensaver jumps to mind).
> Why? They don't go through and change our source code or anything.. I don't
> think is a concern that you should have.
> > Seeing how much trouble merging Do into GNOME would cause from a tech
> > angle is just one more reason I hope Do will stay independent. Some
> > users hate docks, and some prefer other docks)  so I feel it would be
> > best if users can opt-in to use Do rather than having to specifically
> > opt-out of using it.
> What applications get shipped by default is a distro decision, not a GNOME
> decision. I'm not really sure you fully understand what GNOME is. This move
> will not affect users at all, it's really a decision that only affects
> developers.
> > Otherwise GNOME would remind me a little too much
> > of Firefox devs who seem to want to practically throw the kitchen sink
> > into the default browser to make some vocal (and possibly new-ish)
> > users happy rather than to let users know about the wide range of
> > addons already available. The result of their "all in" philosophy is
> > that some long time users now feel Firefox has gotten bloated to the
> > point of pushing some of us to look at other browser alternatives.
> GNOME is a collection of applications, not a specific app, so this concern
> is pretty much address by what GNOME is. I think that most of your concerns
> come from a lack of understanding as to what GNOME is. GNOME is not an
> application, GNOME is a collection of many applications.
> --
> -- Alex Launi
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