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[greasemonkey-dev] Re: Moving Greasemonkey to Github Anthony Lieuallen Mon May 04 06:02:47 2009

On 5/3/2009 3:12 AM, Aaron Boodman wrote:
> As Devjavu is shutting down, we need to move Greasemonkey elsewhere.
> Github seems to be the most popular these days, and I like Git, so I
> was thinking there.

So, github is primarily source-control, but not issue tracker/wiki like 
we had at Trac.  Google code would provide both of those, sourceforge 
would provide much of it.  We could consider setting up a copy of Trac 
for a direct migration.

I'm neither for nor against git.  I've heard plenty of good things/seen 
plenty of momentum, but personally had minimal exposure so far.

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