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[greasemonkey-dev] Re: 0.9.1 status sizzlemctwizzle Mon Jan 24 22:00:36 2011

On Jan 24, 11:21 pm, Anthony Lieuallen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In the case of Personas, they are simply overwriting the showView()
> function, to change its contents.  Destroying whatever was in place.  We
> are, instead, replacing it with a method that only chooses whether to
> call our version, or the version that existed before us (whatever it
> might be).  But if Personas runs after Greasemonkey (I don't know
> anymore exactly what controls extension running order), then it simply
> destroys and overwrites that.  If we ran second, we'd be good citizens
> and not break them.  But we don't, at least not always.

Is there could we put a watch on the showView function and if somebody
changes it we could overwrite it again with our function that chooses
which function to call? I think so. Give we a second to try out this

> Ironic that Stylish's hacked up job doesn't conflict with Persona's
> clobbering one.  Two wrongs make a right, eh?

Haha it appears so.

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