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Re: Support for thread-pools (log/lock-threads) Wolfgang Pedot Mon Feb 13 04:01:55 2012


> Sorry this isn't answering your question... but I've worked on a project
> with thousands of threads and found it to not actually really cause any
> issues (Except for hitting the thread limit for a process). Does the
> large number of threads cause issues for you? I guess for large
> scalability you could improve the number of open databases by 3 times,
> but I would have thought at that scale you would hit memory issues?

the number of threads does not cause issues (yet), its more like an
If we had issues I would definetly make the time to look into the code
right now ;)
This has been in my head for quite some time, I just dont like the
idea of having tons of idle threads floating arround.

> You could also close idle databases dynamically (If over a threshold)?
> And put a limit on the number of databases to open at a time? That
> should help with memory usage too...
> Just thinking, models for handling threads really interest me :).

Limiting the number of open databases is a last resort because that
would mean limiting functionality for some users.
There is an "idle"-timeout for the databases but it does not hit often
because there is always some activity.

thanks for your input

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