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Re: Support for thread-pools (log/lock-threads) Thomas Mueller Sat Feb 18 00:00:16 2012


Opening many databases concurrently is problematic anyway:

- out-of-memory problems when using the default cache settings
- bad or cache hit rate / very bad cache efficiency
- "too many open files" problem

I would consider using a small number of concurrently open databases
(for example 100). I don't see it as a priority currently to support
tens of thousands of concurrently open databases.

> IMHO permanently reducing the number of idle threads can always be beneficial

H2 doesn't use that many threads - just one per database usually. I
think using a thread pool would cause more problems that it would
solve, so I'm against going in this direction. But if you want to
implement it and want to provide it for others to use, please go


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