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Re: Java Start Parameter: -Dh2.identifiersToUpper=false not working Noel L Mon Feb 20 04:00:49 2012

Hi Thomas,

Sorry about the delay in responding - I've been caught up with other

My problem is that when I append DATABASE_TO_UPPER=FALSE to the
database URL and reload the database, none of my tables are loaded and
I get an error message like "There exists no table named
'PRIVACCTS.PUBLIC.TransHeader' "  (This is with h2-1.3.162.jar loaded
in the Java Class Path.)

As a test, I removed DATABASE_TO_UPPER=FALSE from the database URL and
reloaded the database.  The result was that all of my tables loaded
normally, but of course I get an error message like 'Table
"TRANSDETAILS" not found'. (My table name is TransDetails.)

Does appending DATABASE_TO_UPPER=FALSE to the URL in some way affect
the loading of the tables?

I  seem to be stuck on this one.  Any ideas on what I might be doing


On Feb 6, 6:41 pm, Thomas Mueller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hi,
> You can't use the same database sometimes with DATABASE_TO_UPPER=FALSE and
> sometimes without this option. If you use the option, you need to use it
> every time you open the database. The setting is not persisted.
> Regards,
> Thomas

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