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[habari-dev] Re: Rewrite sub-pages Michael Harris Mon May 11 02:01:29 2009

2009/5/8 Owen Winkler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Michael Harris wrote:
>> Basically, I need to handle requests to /{page_slug}/{subpage_slug}
>> (to any level of nesting). If subpage_slug exists and page_slug is its
>> parent (which would be checked through the taxonomy classes), I want
>> it handled as the page would normally be (albeit at a different URL).
>> If it doesn't exist send a 404. Requests to /{sub_page_slug} should
>> probably be 404 too.
> I don't have anything useful to offer on this topic yet, but I do have a
> perplexing complication to add to your query:
> Why do subpages require sub-directory-like URLs?
> Isn't a subpage a logical structure, not a physical one?

We map logical structures to physical structures all over the place in
Habari. /tag/foo, /page/2, /2008/12 etc. I don't understand why we
wouldn't do the same for sub-pages.

Michael C. Harris, School of CS&IT, RMIT University
IRC: michaeltwofish #habari

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