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[habari-dev] Re: SSL Renewal ringmaster Thu Feb 23 13:00:08 2012

Since some folks seem to be interested in helping to foot the bill for the 
cert (my wife thanks you!), I've set up a Chip In page that keeps track of 
your contributions.  The page redirects to PayPal, where you can make a 
contribution of any amount.  The money comes directly to me, since I'll be 
buying the cert one way or another, but you can at least see the progress 
on the contributions via Chip In.  I know we've discussed setting up a 
non-profit before for tax purposes, but the setup costs are a bit high for 
me for that at the moment.  Anyway...

If you want to chip in for the SSL fund, here's the link:


If we meet the funding goal before March 16th, I'll set up the cert earlier.


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