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[haml] Re: haml master: bug in html_safe breaks rails3 controller js code parasew Sun Mar 21 15:00:21 2010

hi there,
the problem only occurred with js rendering for me.
while it might be a rails edge-issue, i was contacted by z3cko who had
a similar issue and asked me to patch it in. the original patch came
from buhrmi from #rails-contrib.

to reproduce:

1) create a link_to @foo, :remote => true
2) create a js responder in the controller: format.js { render :update
do |p| p.reload end}
3) see the output in the patched and in the unpatched version.

i think since the javascript is on more than one line, it gets treated
as an array and thats why it fails.
i will try to research more on why this behavior is actually there -
but for now everything works with that patch in rails edge... will let
you know when i have more info!


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