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Re: [hdtivo] Re: re:time to upgrade? short kidd Thu Mar 22 06:05:46 2007


First off thanks for your help!

I ran the echo command and I get:

bash-2.02# echo mls /SwSystem | tivosh
Directory of /SwSystem starting at ''

    Name                      Type        FsId      Date  Time   Size    
    ----                      ----        ----      ----  ----   ----    
    3.1.5f-01-2-357           tyDb      105404  10/07/05 15:03    700    
    ACTIVE                    tyDb      105404  10/07/05 15:03    700  

I beleive that my TIVO has the bootpage has been set to upgradesoftware=false. 
How do I change that setting?


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  If you have TivoWebPlus installed you can check the SwSystem under MFS 
  to see if the slices have been downloaded to your Tivo. If you don't 
  have TWP installed but can get a bash prompt you can check it using the 
  following command:

  familyroom:/var/tmp$ echo mls /SwSystem | tivosh
  Directory of /SwSystem starting at ''

  Name Type FsId Date Time Size 
  ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- 
  6.3b-01-2-357 tyDb 1952718 02/18/07 07:00 796 
  6.3c-01-2-357 tyDb 1922667 02/10/07 10:40 772 
  ACTIVE tyDb 1952718 02/18/07 07:00 796 


  Note that your bash prompt may look different than the above example (I 
  copied it from a post at DDB). If you see the listing for 6.3c then go 
  ahead and force a daily call via the phone settings menu. If your unit 
  is hacked you will need to disable the "upgradesoftware=false" 
  statement in your bootpage setting and also disable the fakecall hack 
  (either rename the fakecall.tcl script to something else or comment it 
  out in the rc.sysinit.author file). You may have to reboot the HDTivo 
  several times before it will complete a call successfully. Otherwise, 
  it will get stuck on the negotiating phase of the call after connecting.

  You can also install the upgrade manually by editing the installSw.itcl 
  file and running it manually. Most people like to edit the file so you 
  can reboot the Tivo manually but I don't see where it really makes any 
  difference, except if you run into a problem during the running of the 
  script. There are lots of posts at dealdatabase and the Tivo Community 
  Forum that show you how to edit the file (I don't have the info sitting 
  in front of me at the moment or else I'd provide it). 

  If you perform the upgrade manually I don't think it matters if the 
  bootpage command is changed or not. I discovered this accidentally 
  when I ran the script on one of my HDTivos and forgot to change the 
  bootpage setting first. The upgrade proceeded without a hitch and the 
  HDTivo is not at 6.3c. Of course, I had to reinstall the hacks to get 
  them working again.

  --- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Peter Clark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  > You can restart the recorder now and it should come up with the 
  > "updating software" screen on reboot, or once it's back to picture go 
  > to settings and see if you're running 6.3c in the version line...
  > At 05:44 PM 3/20/2007, short kidd wrote:
  > >I ran the script and I got the message saying it would update at 
  > >2am. Is there a way to know for sure if that has occurred?
  > >