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Re: [hdtivo] drive swap on similar machines? Randy Borow Mon Apr 02 12:11:05 2007

OK, thanks. That'll work then. I Zippered my buddy's DSR7000, but he's 
having a tuner problem (one tuner keeps saying "searching for satellite 
signal..."). I've got a spare unit sitting around and can switch out the 
drive if needed, so it appears I can just run the script.

BTW, just out of curiosity, is it located in /busybox?

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> > Is 51killer.tcl already on the unit? I've never had the reason to use it
> > before, but may have to w/ a friend's unit that has a bad tuner. So, I
> > didn't recall if one had to upload the script then run it or if it was 
> > the TIVO by default.
>No, it's not on there by default; it's part of AlphaWolf's S2 All-In-One 
>utilities, a.k.a. tivotools.tar.  (If you use Zipper, you'll have it on 
>Christopher D. Heer -- [EMAIL PROTECTED]