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[hdtivo] 6.3c to 6.3d upgrade fiasco chuckkamas Thu Jul 05 06:05:09 2007

Hi all,

I manually upgraded from 6.3c to 6.3d following the guide in the files
area.  I must have screwed up somewhere,  because it came up with no
bas h on the serial and no e-net.  So I pulled the drive and
re-zippered... now my almost upgraded 6.3d.  I got the bash prompt so
I ran the hack script.  I then got TWP... but lost serial bash!!!!  arg!  

How do I get bash back?  I only have TWP...  no ftp,  no telnet, no
serial bash.  I assume that I need to pull the drive?  Do I just run
zipper again?

I would really like to know what went wrong.  It is the only what I
learn is to learn from my mistakes.