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Re: [Help-gsl] Trouble with MEX and GSL on Matlab R2010a and Windows XP(32-bit) X Statistics Thu Jan 20 19:00:55 2011


I work most of the time on GNU/Linux but I have to share my files to people
that works on MS Windows. So, here it is what I tell my co-worker to do.

Install MinGW and MSYS.

Compile GSL using MinGW/MSYS (use the default options and flags). Make sure
it will pass all tests.

Install GNUMEX  (I do not want to post the link here. You can easily find on
the web.)  Just follow the instructions and choose MinGW C/C++ compiler to
use in place of Matlab's "lcc".

Organize the project (even the Matlab ones) in a Unix/Linux way, e.g.

(You can of course organize that in your on way.)

Copy the compiled GSL to C:/project/lib and the header files to
C:/project/include/gsl  (You can just copy and paste them.)

Place you C/MEX files, for example, in

Open Matlab, the choose the working directory as C:/project/src/cmex/   and
finally compile your file with

mex COMPFLAGS="$COMPFLAGS -Wall -W" ./mexFisherGradOpt.c
-outdir=../../mytoolbox -I../../include -L../../lib/libgsl.a

Your *.mexw32 should be in C:/project/mytoolbox. Thus, do not forget to add
that directory path in Matlab.

This is probably not the best way of doing that but it sure works.

Hope that helps you.


On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 2:59 AM, Akbari Vahid <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been trying to compile a c-file using the MEX interface. My c-file
> contains calls to functions defined in GSL (Gnu Scientific Library for C),
> a pre-existing library which I 've downloaded and installed on my PC.
> I have Matlab R2010a, running on Windows XP with a 32-bit processor. The
> version of GSL that I have installed was part of the GnuWin32 project, and
> supports Windows XP (32-bit). Also my C/C++ compiler is MinGW32 which
> already installed on my pc.
> Then I use the bellow command in MATLAB to compile the mex file
> "mexFisherGradOpt.c".
> Initially when I ran " mex -c mexFisherGradOpt.c -I"C:\GnuWin32\include\"
> -lgsl -lgslcblas -lm. It seems that it is compiled.
> Once I run the m-file which calls the c-function, MATLAB crashes.
> I have eliminated the possibility of any bug in the c-function that I've
> been compiling, by using a function that compiled and ran perfectly in a
> previous setup on a different PC (Windows XP, Matlab 2010a, MSVC 6.0) --
> which was itself configured with lots of pain.
> To sum up, I have a bug-free c-function which I want to compile with MEX.
> This c-function contains calls to the GSL. What do I need to do in order
> to successfully compile and run my program, given the following
> configuration on my PC: Windows XP (32-bit), Matlab R2010a.
> Apologies for the long email. Many thanks in advance,
> Vahid Akbari-PhD student
> University of Tromsø
> Tromsø-Norway
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