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Re: Option --tld in /usr/bin/idn not used as documented Simon Josefsson Wed Jan 07 03:00:39 2009

I noticed my reply did not end up in the archives, nor on gmane, so
perhaps it was lost in transit.  Here is a re-post of it.  I'm going to
take a look at this bug in the next few days, with the goal of pushing
out a new release that fixes it.

Christian Hammers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hello
> /usr/bin/idn from libidn-1.8+20080606 does not use the --tld parameter
> as documented. The --help output says:
>   -t, --tld                Check string for TLD specific rules
>                              Only for --idna-to-ascii and
> But in reality the top level domain restrictions are only used
> when *not* giving --tld:
>   $ idn --quiet --idna-to-ascii -t  €uro.fr
>   xn--uro-j50a.fr
>   $ idn --quiet --idna-to-ascii  €uro.fr
>   idn: tld_check_4z (position 0): Code points prohibited by top-level
>   $ idn --quiet --idna-to-ascii  €uro.de
>   xn--uro-j50a.de

Hi!  Thanks for the report.

Agreed, the logic here is reversed.  src/idn.ggo enables the TLD flag by
default, so -t and --tld will negate it, and thus disable TLD checking.

I suggest to introduce a new parameter --no-tld that will really disable
TLD checking.  -t and --tld will be deprecated hidden parameters, but
will continue to work as before (to avoid problems with already deployed
scripts).  What do you think?


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