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[hibernate-announce] Hibernate Search 4.0 Final Emmanuel Bernard Sat Dec 31 01:01:01 2011

The team is pleased to announce the release of Hibernate Search 4.0 Final 
available in a SourceForge and Maven repository near you.

The main changes are

- support for Hibernate Core 4
- support for source of data/events other than Hibernate Core (which is now an 
optional dependency)
- clearer split between APIs, SPIs and implementation classes
- better log and error reporting
- better underlying architecture - index managers allow now for one backend per 
index and even non directory based indexes
- near real time search
- optimized and cross-version compatible wire format for communications between 
master and slaves
- performance improvements (more analyzer parallelization etc)
- support for projections on custom bridges fields
- support for @IndexedEmbedded on collections of basic types
- easier way to work on documentation translation

More info at http://goo.gl/pZILz

Happy holidays

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