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[Hibernate] Native SQL documentation question Petri Rautakoski Fri Nov 14 03:00:48 2008

I have been reading Hibernate Core documentation and section 16.1.4 has a
little tutorial for multiple entities query:

String sql = "SELECT ID as {c.id}, NAME as {c.name}, " +

         "BIRTHDATE as {c.birthDate}, MOTHER_ID as {c.mother}, {mother.*} " +
         "FROM CAT_LOG c, CAT_LOG m WHERE {c.mother} = c.ID";

List loggedCats = sess.createSQLQuery(sql)
        .addEntity("cat", Cat.class)

        .addEntity("mother", Cat.class).list()

1. ${c.mother} = c.id makes a relation from cat to itself as a mother of
itself, is this correct?
2. ${c.XXX} as shorthands are with different alias than entity related to
query: addEntity("cat", Cat.class), does Hibernate make a entity relation to
FROM part with order of adding with addEntity? In otherwords:
    CAT_LOG c -> cat as cat is the alias in the first addEntity call
    CAT_LOG m -> mother as mother is the alias in the second addEntity call
3. how does Hibernate resolve the selected columns: ID as {c.id}, NAME as {
c.name}, BIRTHDATE as {c.birthDate}, MOTHER_ID as {c.mother}, {mother.*}, in
some columns is c alias and then there is mother.* for the rest, but how
this c is related to cat alias? This is totally related to second question.
4. In ID as {c.id} {c.id} means the mapped property in Cat.class, but from
which table ID is retrieved, it doesn't have alias listed in FROM part (c or
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