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[Hibernate] Select with oldest index of join Mitchell, Steven Mon Apr 27 09:09:59 2009

Assume you have two tables: Order and ChangeHistory.  Order has a
one-to-many relationship with ChangeHistory mapped to
order.changeHistory.  Order history has an update date.  How can I do a
select an Order based on a specific Date that the FIRST update occurred?
In pseudo code this is what I am trying to do:

order.getChangeHistory().get(0).getUpdateDate() = aDate

-- OR --

order.getChangeHistory().get(0).getUpdateDate()  between startDate and

Below would return any change history for a given date, not just the
first change.  

final Criteria criteria = getSession().createCriteria( Order.class );
if ( searchCriteria.getUpdateDate() != null ) 
     criteria.createCriteria( "changeHistory" ).add( Restrictions.eq(
"updateDate", searchCriteria.getUpdateDate() ) );

How do I only get the OLDEST change for an order that happened on a
given date?

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