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FW:Eradicate all that you owe with out mailing an other dime fabian nelson Sun Jun 11 05:25:32 2006

Abolish everything you are indebted for not even paying an other cent.  

Stop the harrasing calls. Bring a stop to the mailing of checks! Believe it
or not almost all lending orgizations are operating illegally. Implausible
but valid! Go to our web site for detailed information as regards our
structure at N O  expense or commitment. You have naught to loose and a load
to achieve.

Meticulous info or to cease getting or to  postal address

One of your writers has said, with truth, that among civilized people
things are seldom what they seem. I've heard that, remarked Rob
On the other hand, continued the Demon, some people with fierce
countenances are kindly by nature, and many who appear to be evil are in
reality honorable and trustworthyb06