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idea goodoldmarty Tue Oct 16 06:05:03 2007

I love LFS, as I built my first LFS from the first known book, on a CP/M 
host. I hate what has happened to our Internet, so HLFS is obviously my 
ideal, and Robert is my hero for all the patches and seds he has 
contributed. Many thanks; great job!

Because HLFS is a security oriented build, special considerations are in 
order. Unfortunately, some of the more common applications cannot even 
be used effectively with HLFS security due to their programming methods.
This leaves a halfway situation that is insecure, totally undocumented, 
and unlikely to receive due attention soon. Not what we anticipated.
In light of this fact I would propose maintaining a simple list of 
applications which are known to fully conform to the specs required of 
this system,(PIC/PIE,PAX). This might induce developers to make the 
changes to facilitate inclusion in that very important list. Politics.

Marty B
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