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CircularRedirectException Marcelo Chryssovergis Tue Jul 26 05:50:43 2005

Hello my friends

I┬┤m trying to log in to a site that uses both cookies AND session control.

Here what am I doing:

I enter the site
Get the cookies
Send the cookies back (with the date changed, from null to a valid date)
Do the login (with PostMethod)

At this moment, I verify if I have to logoff the oppened session left
behind. And almost aways I have this connection open. When I send the url
responsible to execute de logoff (with GetMethod), I get an exception: 

org.apache.commons.httpclient.CircularRedirectException: Circular redirect
to 'http://www.siteI┬┤mWorking.com:80/'

How can I fix it??

I guess I have to log off then log in again, because de session is pendent
at the server.. 

Thanks a lot!


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