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Re: PGP/MIME interop testing: Very first steps towards a test suite. Thomas Roessler Sat Apr 01 02:35:36 2000

On 2000-03-31 15:47:56 -0800, Jon Callas wrote:

> So, popping back to your questions, no, we have to have
> binary mode signatures, or else PGP/MIME can't sign a
> binary file cross-platform.

Beg your pardon?  What PGP/MIME does is converting binary
data to a canonical text representation which matches
MIME's and OpenPGP's idea of canonical text.  That is,
with PGP/MIME (or any other signature standard based on
RFC 1847), all you have to look at are signatures of
textual data.  MIME does the conversion for you.

> If all parties are using the same rules of what text
> is, then it doesn't matter what mode you use, as long
> as you use the same mode. If you want to cross a
> text-rule boundary, you have to use the right mode.