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Re: Cyrus libsasl 1.2b1 release Rob Earhart Tue Nov 17 13:42:18 1998

On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, John Mani wrote:
> >   It also includes a tentative version of our Java SASL API; this needs
> > more definition, but it works.  The Java API uses JNI to talk to the C
> > API, so the same plugins work for all applications.
> Are you guys aware of the Java SASL API work being done at JavaSoft ?

  Nope (was it posted to the mailing list?  :-)  I knew about Netscape's
work on a Java SASL API, but didn't really care for it (but didn't have
anything better to propose at the time; I knew you *could* use JNI, but
didn't have the time to figure it out); I like a model where a single
plugin can work with applications written in both C and Java.

> Contact [EMAIL PROTECTED] for more info.

  Cool--thanks for the address.

  (Rosanna: want to take this to personal mail?)