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Re: [imp] Auto logoff Michael M Slusarz Wed Jan 13 09:00:45 2010

Quoting Matus UHLAR - fantomas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

On 12.01.10 13:47, Tom King wrote:
I'm doing a cursory search through the archives but haven't found this
referenced yet. I'm constantly getting logged off with the message,
"Your Internet Address has changed since the beginning of your Mail
session. To protect your security, you must login again."

Is there an option to turn off this behavior? I know it's probably a
good security measure but tends to be really annoying when I'm accessing
webmail from outside my home network and get logged off after about 30

I wonder how can your IP address change in 30 seconds. Are you using mobile
ISP? Can you ask the ISP to hold the same addresses for longer times?

horde/config/conf.php: $conf['auth']['checkip'] = false;


Michael Slusarz [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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