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Re: [imp] Shared Inbox Folders corrupted? Jan Schneider Mon Nov 21 20:00:30 2011

Zitat von nA ni sivAm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Hi there,

this is wrt IMP 4.3.4/ Horde 3.3.4

I have been running this for almost 3-4 years I guess.

Today I got a very strange issue wrt shared floders (inbox) which happens with only 1 user of all the 90+ users.

After 9th November 2011, the emails in the shared folders (inboxes) are not updated ONLY for that user. All the other users have no issues.
Even the sorting options dont work (size/ date etc)

This particular user's personal inbox works fine as well.

I tried removing the shared inboxes and attaching them again- No luck.

Also, just to add, the folders name on the left don't show the total/ unread mails (which normally happen right for all the users.
Not sure if I can email screenshots and that's why I didn't attach any.

Sounds like corrupted index files or similar. Try asking on the mailing list for your imap server.


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