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Re: [imp] authentication lost to imap server Diego D'Angelo Wed Feb 08 06:00:15 2012

>  Yes, the problem happens in the middle of the session, but it is very
>> extrange, for example, with my user, one day the problem appears 4 times
>> in
>> a hour and others users can work fine all day long, i don't find a logic
>> to
>> explain it.
> You can try looking at IMAP logs to see what is happening.  It is possible
> the session is timing out if the IMAP action takes too long (which may be
> why some users see it but others don't - a large mailbox on a slow IMAP
> server could cause issues).
> Also: if the IMAP server connected to is behind a firewall (or on the same
> machine as the webmail), you can ditch the secure connection completely.
> michael
In our lan we have the mailserver (cyrus), a webmail in other server with
very oldest version of horde (HORDE=3.1.3, IMP=4.1.3), and with 800 users
using it, in 3 years nobody reports problems.

in the other server we are testing lastest stables versions of horde with
30 users and we find these connections issues.

i don't know why in the older production server allways worked fine and
never showed a similar issue like the newer version of horde.

is mistery for me.

thanks for the feedback


Diego D'Angelo
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