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[imp] migrating users from traditional to dynamic interface (message deletion) Vilius Šumskas Sat Feb 11 10:00:24 2012


  I  had  a  chance  to  migrate  one  of my bigger installations from
  traditional  to  dynamic  interface  recently. And stumbled upon one
  major  problem.  Seems  like  a  fair  amount  of  users had used to
  traditional  IMP  interface  and the concept of "mailbox pages" that
  now  they make serious mistakes performing actions on "message list"
  in the dynamic view.

  For  example,  they  used upper checkbox in traditional interface to
  mark  20  messages  (or whatever is configured as message number per
  page), and clicked Delete to delete all messages in the currect page.
  Of  course  in  dynamic  view this empties a whole mailbox. Moreover
  there  is  no confirmation  popup saying "Are you sure that you want to
  empty this folder?"

  Can it be added?

Best regards,

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